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Premal Shah, founder of Kiva, said at San Francisco's 'Guardsmen Bachelor Auction':

"Larry Chiang, you're a credit industry genius"

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04-03-14: I actually hate my credit fame. It has give rise to a population of haters.

I offered a full 100% rebate and instead of friends, I get even more haters

Please check yourself

Please know the rebate actually spawned a hashtag called #LCRRM


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Buy NOW for $24.95

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My nerf gun shoots down credit myths at SXSW and helps pro NFL athletes. I helped my friend with a law degree from Stanford University get an Amex credit card by first repairing his FICO (I marked him as an employee versus "founder"). It is on the Internet at Quora where allegedly, I am Paris Hilton reincarnated in a 6'5", 222 lb Chinese man, body. And hotter.

The Stanford Law School alum's name is Mike Arrington.

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Credit is simple. If you want an alternative to paying me, Larry Chiang... Do what I did at first in 1993 and buy "Ultimate Credit Handbook". I would link to it but am too lazy. Its a 1c book on Amazon. I wrote a review of Gerri Detweiler's book. Later we became business partners, but that's a different eBook (jk, I hate eBooks)

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Here's My Incredible Story;
I developed this site while I'm now in the course of a current home purchase. I have been able to raise my Credit Score 44 points already and in 3 more days will probably go up another 50 points. My Loan Officer is really ecstatic he can hardly believe it. I call him every time I see a change in my score. He told me that he has never seen anybody raise their credit scores like that and is asking how I'm doing it so fast. He says he has never dealt with a client that became so knowledgeable about Credit Scores and that he usually just refers his clients to a Credit Repair Agency that charges $400-$500! Alternatively, law firms charge a "teaser" low monthly fee but ratchet up to $200+/hour.

I told him we are going to have to work something out because his clients are getting "Ripped Off". I told him that I could definitely educate his clients on how they can raise their Credit Scores themselves for a fraction of the cost and do it much quicker. In return he would get more clients and get them approved for loans much faster.

Inspired to develop this web site after my Yahoo News interview! Closing for my new house is in 2 weeks and I saved thousands of dollars in interest already. I moved out of "Sub Prime" loan category and I'm actually going to GET 7K back, no money out of my pocket for new purchase! I now write at Yahoo!!!

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All because I discovered how to quickly raise my Credit Score! Not even my Loan Officer or Real Estate agent knew how to do this. I was desperate because my Credit Scores were on the edge of acceptance. But I did it! Now, I'm willing to share with you my secrets so you won't let a low Credit Score ruin your life and dreams of a low payment on a dream home. Some examples of how VAST the difference is...

FICO Score
Interest Rate
780-850 5.25% $ 816
720-779 5.60% $ 840
665-719 6.85% $ 975
610-664 7.77% $ 1,190
540-613 8.70% $ 1,270
480-539 9.65% $ 1,424
Actual Rates (Source "Digital Underground Credit Knowledge 9",
Look at the difference by raising your score 100 points!

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That was my story over 1.5 years